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E-Design Process


Fill Out The Questionnaire

Submitting a detailed questionnaire allows me to better understand your style, budget, timeline, goals, etc.. The more details you provide, the more personal and reflective your E-Design will be! 


Attach Photos of Your Space

Provide photographs of the room you would like to have designed. Make sure to take pulled-back photos in good lighting so that I can see each wall in its entirety and get a true feel for the space.


For photo submission guidelines (click here)


Submit Measurements

Sketch an outline of your space and provide detailed measurements of the room including window placement, doorways, ceiling height, etc..



For measurement submission guidelines (click here)


We'll Have A 1-Hour Initial Phone Consultation

We will begin our collaborative process with a 1-hour initial phone consultation.  During this call we will discuss your questionnaire answers in greater detail and indentify an overall goal for your space.     


I Will Get to Designing

After our initial call I will begin designing your custom space. This should take approximiately 2-3 weeks.


You Will Then Receive Your...

Inspiration Collage


Mood Board

Floor Plan


We'll Have A 1-Hour Revision Call

We will have a 1-hour revision call to address any questions and/or make any desired changes.



You'll Receive Your Shopping List

You will receive a detailed list with direct links to purchase the products included in your custom E-Design.  


Need More Information?

I'm Ready!
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