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What Happens If I Don't Like The Final Design?

Every E-Design includes a 1-hour revision session where changes can be made and alternative options explored.  If the desired outcome is not achieved during this session additional revision sessions can be purchased at an hourly rate of $85.  There are no refunds given for services.


Why Should I Purchase An E-Design Instead Of Just Going On Pinterest or Houzz?

Pinterest and Houzz are excellent sources of inspiration.  I encourage clients to research and pin images they respond to most so that they can uncover their own style and I can get a better feel for their tastes.  However, these sites do not regularly list sources for the items pictured and depending on when the photo was posted, items may no longer be availabe.  In addition, to put a room together you need to be able to do much more then just find great pictures.  Understanding how items relate to each other in terms of scale, color, quantity, etc. and being able to juxtapose different styles is what ultimately makes a room unforgettable.  Anyone that walks into a room can say they love the space but most cannot articulate what specifically is transpiring in that space that is leading them to love it. 


What If Furnishings Are Too Expensive For My Budget?

During the initial phone consultation your budget is thoroughly discussed, as well as, an overall price-point for furnishings.  If an E-Design is deemed too costly an alternative shopping list with similar items can be purchased for $200.


What Happens If A Furniture Piece Doesn't Fit?

It is imperative that your measurements be accurate when measuring the overall space, as well as, any current furnishings you plan to keep.  I create floor plans to scale so that the pieces I research are the correct size and scale for the room.  However, I assume no responsibility for room and/or furniture measurements.  Ultimately, the responsibility is on you to determine whether a piece will fit or not prior to placing the order.  Consequently, I highly encourage you to measure things twice and to mark the floor with tape in order to verify whether a piece will fit.


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