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Why E-Design?


E-Design is Affordable:

Working with a designer is often thought to be extremely costly and only for those with huge budgets.  One of the appeals of E-Design is transparent, fixed pricing.  You will know exactly what you will be getting and what it will cost prior to ever beginning your project.


E-Design is Unintimidating:

While most think working with a designer is unattainable due to budget constraints, many more fear being judged by the state of their current space or their personal design aesthetic.  In addition, there is also the fear that a designer will discount the tastes of the client and only project their own point of view into a space.  E-Design eliminates both of these concerns because all of the designing is done virtually and the client is always in the drivers seat; free to implement as they see fit. 


E-Design is Flexible:

Your space can come together at your desired pace according to your schedule and budget.  Whether you want to execute the room overnight or take 2 years from start to finish, the room can evolve as you see fit.  Once your plan is complete it’s in your hands. You decide which items you would like to purchase and when you would like to purchase them.


E-Design is Relaxed:

Participation is at your convenience.  No need to schedule an appointment or be home at a certain time.  No need to clean or rid the space of your belongings.  You just simply fill out a questionnaire and send in your photos and measurements when its convenient and a phone call will be coordinated around your schedule.



Who should E-Design?



  • Anyone who wants a stylish home but has a difficult time envisioning how a room comes together

  • Anyone that does not have the time and/or patience to devote to designing a space

  • A Stylish DIY’er who needs help or has specific design issues

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