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Guinea Pig Project

I’ve decided to shake things up a bit in 2016 by adding a new line of design services aimed at those who know they want an amazing space but are intimidated by the idea of hiring a designer in the traditional sense.  E-Design is an amazing opportunity to get a professionally designed room without the cost or commitment of hiring a fulltime designer.  


In order to launch this new initiative I am looking for a guinea pig that would be willing to participate in a FREE trial run good for the E-Design of one room in their home, a $1400 value.  This opportunity is open to anyone throughout the country who is interested if taking their space to the next level.  


Although everyone is a candidate for E-Design, the following are a few scenarios that would make someone a great E-Design guinea pig:


  • Anyone who has that “one room” they don’t know what to do with

  • Anyone looking to do an overhaul of a particular room

  • Anyone who has just moved into a space and needs a concept and/or new furnishings


Anyone interested in being considered needs to fill out a questionnaire by clicking the E-Design button below and send in a few photos of the space (to view photo guidelines:!photo-guidelines/nfonf).  I will be choosing one applicant from the submitted questionnaires on April 1st.  The chosen guinea pig will be contacted by April 4th via email.  All other applicants will also be notified on the 4th and will be subsequently offered a $200 credit towards any future design services as appreciation for their interest in E-Design. 


For more information on the concept, process, and benefits and to view before and after photos of my own E-Design, please click the E-Design button below.  

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